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Javier Cortez

Hi, my name is Javier Cortez and I'm a front-end developer. In 2009 I married the love of my life, Christine, in the small town of Fabens, TX and decided to move to the silicon slopes of Utah in 2011. We now live in Salt Lake City, Utah with our cat Cocoa.

I pride myself in writing clean, concise code and building modern websites that respond beautifully to mobile formats. I am a self taught developer proficient in HTML5 and CSS3. Nearly a year ago, I became discouraged with the collegiate learning system and it's approach to teaching technology and decided to take my education into my own hands.

I have since found great success in my self education and advocate finding an alternative means to edcuate oneself outside of the traditional college model. It's been an enlightening journey full of challenges and obstacles but I feel that it's defined who I am as a developer and it's empowered me to be able to think outside of the box when it comes to web solutions.

I take a mobile first approach to building websites and make sure to take the time to consider the unique needs of my clients when taking on a new project. I contribute to my projects on all levels including, design, content and development.