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Our Platform

FreshLime is the first automated marketing & customer engagement platform for the local services space. We collect, analyze and interpret your data into simple visuals that help us identify opportunities for growth and increased revenue. We believe that to be successful as a business, customer retention should outweigh customer acquisition. FreshLime strategically engages your existing customer base to help you recapture lost revenue, increase retention, and make your business more profitable.


Powerful Automated Tools to Grow Your Business


More than just a dashboard, our Insight™ platform transforms your data into actionable insights that grow your business.


FreshLime engages your existing customer base to promote more repeat business and increase your revenue.


Do what you do best! Leave the rest to us. FreshLime takes over digital marketing efforts for your business.


FreshLime Engage™ automates the process of asking for customer feedback and systematically filters out unfavorable reviews.

The Process

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One: Collect Data

First, we work with you to collect three important types of data: Your customer list, transaction data, and marketing data. We have integrations with leading software solutions like QuickBooks Online that allow us to easily sync your data with our platform in real-time. If you don't have a software solution, we'll take your spreadsheets or paper invoices and convert them ourselves.

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Step Two: Take Action

Next, we'll analyze your data and identify opportunities to cross-promote and up-sell products and services you offer to your existing customers. Using targeted text, email, and social media campaigns, we guarantee an increase in repeat visits and average order value. We'll also help increase your online reputation through reviews and increase your referral business as well.

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Step Three: See Results

Unlike other marketing companies, we have nothing to hide. Our Insight™ platform can track individual transactions back to their original lead source and show you the exact return on your investment, dollar for dollar. We take the guess work out of marketing and make it easy for you to see what works. No more vague or confusing reports, just results.

  • Proven ROI
  • Increased Retention
  • Increased Revenue

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