Our Platform

Our team is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We want to build small business products that don’t just work, but also have a measureable impact for our customers everyday. We are building a company we love, and a culture that is focused on building great products that will make our customers happy. We will be successful if we can make our customers lives better by delivering valuable tools and insights that saves them time and helps them grow.

FreshLime Engage

We connect with your customers to keep them coming back!


91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. Freshlime creates custom content to help promote your brand and educate your customer base.


98% of consumers not only check their text messages but read them within 2 minutes of opening them. Instant visiblity for you and your business.


71% of consumers check at least one of their social media accounts daily. We help deliver powerful, impactful messages to your customers.

Repeat Customers

And why your business needs more of them.

The likelihood of a customer coming back increases with every sale!

Everytime you transact with a customer, you move them one step closer to becoming a life-time customer. Life-time customers not only come back more frequently but they spend more too! This helps you as a business owner maximize the value of each transaction over time.

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Repeat customers spend more with each purchase!

It's a proven fact that it costs less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one. As repeat customers come back through the door, they spend anywhere for 4x to 10x more than one time buyers. Our strategy is a simple one, "customer retention should outweigh customer acquisition."

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Loyal customers are also loyal promoters!

Repeat customers are not only more valuable, they're also 5x more likely to tell a friend or family member about your business. And we all know that the best kind of advertising is word of mouth advertising. Just another way that our Engage™ platform benefits your business and increases your profitability.

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FreshLime Insight

Your data is valuable, do something with it!

Actionable Insight

Not only do we give you valuable information about your business, but our system can actually identify opportunities for growth and increased revenue and provide advice on how to be more profitable.

Marketing Attribution

Unlike other marketing companies, Freshlime is completely transparent. For the first time you'll be working with a marketing company that can actually show you the exact return on your investment, dollar for dollar.

Simple Reporting

No more vague or confusing marketing reports. Easily track trends in revenue, average order value, lifetime value of the customer, your actual % of repeat business, ROI, and many other valuable insights.